Meet IMF Bentham

IMF Bentham is a litigation funding company providing funding to plaintiffs, law firms and corporations for legal disputes in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States and Canada. Our principal activities are the investigation, management and funding of litigation.
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IMF Bentham Experience

We have a highly experienced global litigation team dating back to the commencement of the business in 2001. Globally, we enjoy a 90% success rate on over 184 completed investments. The investments we’ve funded have recovered AUD 2.3 billion.
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Financials & Track Record

IMF Bentham Limited's public company status provides transparency about our strong financial position and successful track record. Fully audited regular financials are available to the public.
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Current Cases and Class Actions

We are currently funding and managing various shareholder class actions, commercial litigation and insolvency matters.

AUD 2.3 billion

Total Recoveries

In our 17 years as an ASX listed company, we have successfully recovered AUD 2.3 billion, out of which we have returned over AUD 1.4 billion to funded claimants. Our track record is second to none.

80 investments

Current Portfolio

IMF's portfolio currently includes 80 investments, comprising 37 investments outside the USA and 43 USA investments. The non-USA investments have a total estimated portfolio value of AUD 3.2 billion and the USA investments constitute over AUD 202 million in capital commitments.

AUD 728 million

Financial Strength

We have invested approximately AUD 728 million in investments concluded and ongoing. We have the financial muscle to pursue your claim to the best possible conclusion.


Funded Claimants

We have assisted over 130,000 claimants, from the largest investment funds to small businesses and individuals.

Latest Cases

Here is a selection of recent cases. Some are at an early stage, with funding subject to a certain level of bookbuild.
We encourage clients who have suffered losses to register their claims.